The Clear Skin Forever Forum

Hey there!

Frustrated with the forums?

Me too! That’s why I created the Clear Skin Forever Forum.

It’s a private forum we run for our customers, where I (Devin) answer your questions throughout the week.

It’s the only way you can get deep, personalized support from me.

Here’s a screenshot of the forum on a phone:


I’ve posted 3,492 times on the forum so far, helping people with all different types of acne, diet questions, roadblocks, breakdowns, emotional crises, supplement questions, restaurant advice, travel problems – you name it, we’ve probably talked about it on the forum already!

(Except for your individual story, of course, since everyone has a different history and body chemistry, and needs unique support!)

Unlike free public forums like, you get higher-quality advice from me (Devin) – as much as you need it – as well as support from over 3,300+ forum members. (And seriously, if you ask 100 questions, I will answer them all!)

And unlike most private forums, we don’t charge any monthly fees. When you purchase our e-book master guide, you get 100% free lifetime access to the forum, with no further charges down the road.

Plus, we use the slickest, easiest-to-use, most mobile-friendly forum platform on the planet, called Discourse.

How do I get access to the forum?

The only way to get access to our forum is to purchase our e-book master guide to clearing acne once and for all.

We’ve found that this keeps forum discussions focused and high-quality, since everyone’s had a chance to read our book and knows our whole philosophy about acne and how to fix it by targeting the root causes.

To read more about our e-book master guide, click here.

To purchase it directly (complete with our 1-year money-back guarantee), click here.

(If you’re already purchased it, you can log into the forum here.)

Be well, and we hope to see you on the forum! 🙂

–Devin and Sonia

Why don’t you charge a monthly membership fee?

Because we’re bad business people, hah!

Actually, it’s because we want people to stick around on the forum for a long time. Like, years.

That way, they can try stuff, become CSF experts, tweak the program, and share their wisdom with new CSF readers.

And we’ve learned SO much from long-time members on the forum, which has led to all kinds of powerful updates to our acne program (like fluoride/iodine hacking, water filters, A2 dairy, etc.).

We think a membership fee would drive people away after a short while, whereas we want the CSF community to benefit from the “elders” that have been on the forum since the beginning!

Do I have to read the e-book before I ask a question on the forum?

Not necessarily!

We have folks who are so excited to get high-quality help from me that they post on the forum after reading only a few chapters of the book.

That said, I often find that many of these questions would have gotten answered if they just read the whole book first, but we don’t believe in making it a requirement. 🙂

Do I really get free lifetime access to the forum with my one-time purchase of the e-book master guide?

Yep! Absolutely. Again, if we were better business people, we would charge a monthly fee to make more money, but we think the CSF forum community would really suffer, and that’s what matters to us. 🙂

Can I read a sample question from the forum, with Devin’s answer?

Absolutely! Read one of my normally long and detailed responses to a reader question here.

To get free lifetime access to the forum, purchase our e-book master guide.

Not ready yet? Read more about our e-book master guide.

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