About Sonia Carlson

Sonia CarlsonOriginally from central Illinois, I became interested in health and nutrition in my early twenties, and I’ve been passionate about exploring many facets of wellness for the last ten years. I’ve had a number of physical health conditions that proved to be deeply intertwined with my core beliefs, self-care, emotional wellness, and diet, and I enjoy helping others discover the many ways they can improve their health and their life!

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Here are my most recent posts:

Coconut Oil and Acne: Does Coconut Oil Help Acne?

Coconut oil. Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably realized that coconut oil is a huge fad right now. They say it’s a “healthy” fat (Gasp! Is such a thing possible?), and that it can even help you burn fat. Some people even blend it into their coffee (I’m talkin’ about you, Dave Asprey)…. Read More

Sh**, I Ate the Whole Pie: 7 Acne Damage-Control Tips for the Holidays

Festive woman frowns at a cupcake.

It’s that time of year again. Cookies. Egg nog. Booze. Holiday parties. (How can you not drink when forced to socialize with your partner’s coworkers? Yes please, fill ‘er up…) Pie. Caramels. Fudge. Did I say cookies? It can be hard to keep your clear skin goals on track when faced with a plate full… Read More

Acne and Vitamin A: Does Vitamin A Help Acne?


Are you ever confused by claims like these? “Vitamin A is a miracle vitamin for your skin!” “Eating Vitamin A-rich foods is dangerous!” “Vitamin A cures acne!” “You should never take vitamin A supplements because they can be toxic!” “You can get all the vitamin A you need from carrots and other yellow-orange vegetables!” If… Read More